Saturday, 9 June 2012

Colour: The Ultimate energy fix

Colour is energy vibrating at different rates.  This energy can directly affect the human body, mind and spirit.  This is a fact that has been understood for centuries.  Our language has been coloured by this information too.  Think – “feeling blue”, “he saw red”, “in the pink” and “cowardy custard” (yellow).

You can experience great shifts in moods and even health by the colours with which you surround yourself.  

Here are just a few hints:

Red - a powerful antidepressant colour. It is vital, warm, cozy, sensual, determined, friendly and courageous. Red is assertive and associated with ambition and represents male energy.  

Orange  - a joyous colour.  Orange is warm, glowing, creative representing active intelligence, joy of expression, happiness.  

Yellow - a friendly, bright and uplifting colour, a celebration of sunny days.  It is associated with the intellectual side of the mind, wisdom and the expression of thoughts.  

Green - has a strong association with nature, helping us connect with empathy to others and the natural world.  We instinctively seek out green when under stress or experiencing emotional trauma. Green is the colour of change, growth, love, adaptability.

Blue – a cool, calming and associated with a higher part of the mind than yellow.  It represent the night,  making us feel calm and relaxed as if we are being soothed by the deep blue of the night sky. Blue is associated with the spoken and written word, with wisdom, truth and devotion.  

Indigo - a powerful psychic colour associated with the right side of the brain and stimulates intuition and imagination.  

Violet and Purple - colours of transformation at a very deep level, bringing peace and combating shock or fear.  They are also connected with artistic and musical impulses, mystery and sensitivity to beauty.

Of course there are many more colours to work with. Experiment for yourself by introducing a different colour into your wardrobe or into your décor.  You may be surprised at the changes that occur.

You can read more about the effects of colour in “The Me Book” or in the online course. 

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