Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Hi everyone!  It seems like forever since I posted on this blog.  The truth is I took a detour which took me on a new adventure. Just like I talked about in a previous blog.  As you know I am an artist (you can see my work on my website at www.goldenisis.com.au). For many months I had been toying with the idea of creating a set of oracle cards using my mandalas and after waking from a dream one night realised that the time was right.  I enlisted the help of a friend Vikstar (http://medzenforyourmojo.com/) to channel the readings for me, and a new adventure began. 

Forty-eight mandalas, and one new computer (mine died along the way), one restored computer (Vikstar's became sick along the journey) and we finally finished.  We learnt many lessons in patience and perserverence, but it has all paid off. You can see our prototype in the photo above!  We've no idea yet however what the finished set will look like, but I'll keep you posted

The set consists of four sets - Archangels, Ascended Masters, Names of God and Chakras.  They are designed to give help and encouragement to lightworkers and those travelling with the light!

Our oracle cards will be available in stores next year, published by Blue Angel Publishing!  So exciting.  Dreams really can come true!

Meanwhile, prints of the mandalas are available on www.goldenisis.com.au  Come and check them out!

Back on deck now, so keep a look out for my next blog!
Love and blessings

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