Sunday, 20 May 2012

Choices: Make them wisely

Sometimes, when you have a vision of the future, of the goals that you want to achieve, you find that your energies are too scattered, you are faced with too many choices and unrealistic expectations begin to prevent you from moving forward.  Perhaps you have many opportunities, but you need to make a decision and herein lies the problem.

It is important to remember that you and only you hold the power.  You are in control and responsible for every decision you make. 

Take the time to think, analyse and weigh up all of the possibilities that lie before you.  Be careful to neither procrastinate nor be too hasty.  Do not allow yourself to feel pressured or to be influenced by people who do not have your expertise in your areas of choice or those that may insist that they only have your best interests at heart. A wise decision comes from your heart and soul.  A wise choice may not always seem like the logical choice – to others!  A wise choice makes you feel good, not fearful!  A wise choice brings a sense of peace, purpose and happiness!

Stay calm, meditate, call upon your personal guides, angels and divine energy for support, but do not wait for them to decide for you.  You CAN do it!  And remember, you are allowed to change your mind!

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