Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An Added Dimension

Working with ADD, (Empowering Indigo and Crystal Energy)

I have been asked many times over the past few months to write about this subject, so here is the first of many instalments.

If you are blessed enough to be or be parent to one of these special souls, then congratulations.  What an honour!  It can be a long and difficult journey but believe me the results are worth the effort.  These people are among the most talented, intuitive and innovative souls on the planet.  They are here to advance planet earth to a new level.  There have been indigo people around for many, many years – think Einstein, Churchill, Henry Ford and lots more - but at this time there are more than ever before. 

If you have been entrusted with the upbringing of one of these children, then there are important things to be aware of.  They, as all children do, deserve your respect, love and nurturing.  Discipline and guidelines are important if they are to learn how to fit in with modern society without getting into trouble.  People often ask me about discipline and the ADD child – consistency is the key. If you have ever seen Jo Frost (The Super Nanny) http://jofrost.com/ then you will have already been introduced to the some of the best methods I know for helping your Indigo or Crystal Child survive today’s society. If not, check out her books, DVDs and website.  Jo uses the same methods that I have long used and taught with great success.  I know they work being an (ADD) Indigo myself and having one Indigo and one Crystal child – now 21 and 18.

One of the most important things to understand about these people is that they are generally right brained, intuitive and extremely sensitive to the point of being empathetic. (See previous blog “A Better Understanding”). This is why they are diagnosed as attention deficit and/or hyperactive.  Over stimulation is especially problematic in schools as you can well appreciate. There are great natural and easy ways to help these kids cope with being square pegs trying to fit in to round holes so to speak.  Energy work is the most valuable tool I know so stay tuned for the next Added Dimension instalment where I will begin to include tips and ideas for you to use.

Until then – positive attention is the key.  Use the quick fix from “Vibrational Rescue” for both yourself and/or your child and remember – All is as it should be!

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