Monday, 16 January 2012

Observing the psychological landscape

Taking stock
Where are you now on your journey.  Like me you’ve taken the first step of the next adventure, made your resolutions and initiated some changes, but where are you psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  There is an exercise that I love to do regularly on my journey – it’s like an instant check up.  You can find it in full on my webpage in the “Work with Me” member’s area as it isn’t in the current book. (It will be in the next).  It involves a piece of paper and a pencil, (or paints) and fifteen minutes of drawing, that’s all – and then a little bit of self analysis based on the universal psychological symbols.  All the information you need is on the website.

I can tell from my latest ‘checkup’ that I still need to do a little work on my self esteem.  My life is travelling in the right direction, but I need to trust myself and open up to other people a little more.  I have finally left the traumas of my past behind and removed most of the blocks and walls. 

To continue on my journey however, I must learn to be a little more trusting of not only myself but other people – and I need to figure out another set of ‘changes’ that need to occur.   ‘Changes’ is a great place to re-visit whenever the need arises.
Take a look at your psychological landscape, take stock and see what other 'changes' you need to make before continuing to the next location on your journey.

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