Monday, 30 January 2012

A gentle push or an almighty shove?

Sometimes when we don't get the hint to change direction or listen to our intuition, the universe will give us a gentle push.  If we still don't listen then perhaps it will give us an almighty shove.

I hate to admit that I had been ignoring that little voice in my head for some time now.  I REALLY wanted to move my healing practise back to my home, but the thought of emptying and renovating a room, changing all of my advertising and rearranging my life, seemed all too hard - so I tried not to listen to my soul!  So what happened?  I had an almighty shove.

The business where I have had my practise for the past 2 years was sold, and the new owner, without so much as a word to me, began using my room for storage, removed all of my cards and advertising from the front of house, so that when I came back from my holiday I felt well and truly pushed out!

Solution!  Follow my soul advice that I had been ignoring for the past two years, and move home!  I have cleared, renovated and blessed my new healing room at home people - in one weekend!  It really wasn't that hard - and I am so excited that I've finally done it! 

Have you been ignoring that little quiet voice in your head?  Do something about it before push turns to shove. 
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