Sunday, 1 January 2012

Stepping Out - Resolutions

What a great timet to begin this new leg of my "journey", and what better way to start than with a resolution.  (For those of you who are following your own "journey", see worksheet number 029)

To me a resolution is in essence a promise to one's self at this special time of the year - firm determination. BUT it also brings to mind endings, particularly of difficulties.  Resolution also relates to vibrational energies - light, colour, sound and yes the turning of our beautiful Earth.
Bring on this New Year's Resolutions.

Today I set my resolutions for the future.  They are threefold this year, but ultimately related.  I aim to simplify my life which I have already begun by decluttering and streamlining my home.  I am also now committing myself to DAILY meditation - even for only fifteen minutes on those extra busy days.  Thirdly I promise myself to write at least something each day and to chronicle my journey weekly.

And so it is!

Have you made your resolutions yet?

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