Sunday, 15 April 2012

Soul Space

Do you have a “soul space”? A place to sit and nourish your entire being at the end of a busy day?  A special seat or corner of a room (or if you are lucky a whole room) that is entirely yours – your energy, your space?  Soul Space can be your meditation corner, the place under a tree where you love to sit, a seat in front of a window where you can read or contemplate the view.  It’s a place to unwind, to reconnect with you, to nurture and rejuvenate.  Soul Space is a place where you are unavailable for the time being. You can say: “I am unavailable any time you see me sitting on that chair/under that tree/in this room.”  Use it for quiet time just for you.  No work needs to be done in your soul space. It is a place to rest/think/create/relax.  Soul Space is so, so important.

Fill it with love, colour, energy and peace. Enjoy!

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