Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Better Understanding

I’m “off with the fairies” today.  Can’t concentrate, not paying attention, not listening, restless, daydreaming, not finishing one job before I move on to the next – all the things I got into trouble for as a child.  All the things that gave me and my daughter (and many others) the label ADD.  (or ADHD).  I’m comfortable with these traits now, because I understand.  I am a sensitive, an empath – my “off with the fairies” times are my way of coping with the over stimulation that bombards me on a daily (well not so much daily now that I understand) basis if I forget to protect myself before heading out into the world.  When you are an empath you feel, really feel, not only your own feelings, but those of other people around you.  When you don’t understand this, it is difficult to tell where your feelings end and others begin.  You become so sensitive to any kind of vibration or energy, whether it be sound, light, emotion that you tend to tune out in an effort to protect yourself, or become restless, rushing from one thing to another, unable to settle in an effort to “escape”.  This can be very difficult for you to cope with, but once you understand what is happening, there are many techniques you can learn to protect yourself.  Read about shielding for lightworkers, empaths and psychics.  There is so much information out there now.

If only I knew as a child what I know now! 

What do you understand better about yourself now that you wish you had known as a child?

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